What is the working principle of Jiangmen flushing tank?

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Principle of flushing water tank working principle: the water level in the water tank is controlled by the floating ball, which means that the floating ball will stop water supply as the water level in the water tank rises, and then it will enter the water; when someone flushes, press the button - pull out the rubber plug at the bottom of the water tank, and the water in the tank will flush out immediately, and the rubber plug will be flushed back to the drain outlet at the bottom of the water tank to block the drain outlet, At the same time, the make-up water enters into the high water level and works again and again. First, open the upper cover of the water tank, and then you can see a floating ball. The floating ball has a connecting rod connected with the water inlet {it acts as a stop valve. If the water storage capacity of the water tank needs to be increased, please lift the floating ball upward and adjust it to a suitable position, so as to increase the water demand. On the contrary, if the water storage capacity of the water tank is too large, adjust the floating ball downward to the appropriate position. The basic structure of the common water tank is like this.


Principle of flushing water tank classification of flushing water tank

Water tank can be divided into: stainless steel tank, enamel steel tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, PE water tank, etc. Among them, Glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank is made of resin and excellent molding process. It has the characteristics of light weight, no corrosion, no leakage, good water quality, wide range of use, long service life, good thermal insulation performance, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, simple cleaning and maintenance, strong adaptability, etc. it is widely used in hotels, schools, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises and business lists It is an ideal product for water storage facilities of public living water, fire water and industrial water.

About the working principle of the water tank and its classification, small series for you to introduce here, hope the above introduction can help your life. To sum up, we can see that there are many kinds of flushing tanks, so we can choose a wide range of products according to our own needs to meet our daily life and work.

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