Corporate Vision

Urinal, squat toilet and water saving water tank are already necessary in toilet, numerous enterprises also have the product that produces this type and regard it as form a complete set product, at the same time gradually cast eye to the product such as intelligent wei Yu, integral wei Yu space, hutch defends a body to be aimed at the market.However, some enterprises with social responsibility are willing to contribute to the development of the industry and the innovation of product technology.Though, we don't have to define a new business, new idea from water to upgrade to the tank and urinals in one urinal, urinate ICLEAN intelligent box became the pioneer of the combination of water tank and urinals, from ordinary infrared sensor intelligent urinal to upgrade to the covered "magnetic induction" intelligent urinals, from "magnetic induction" intelligent urinal with a cover to upgrade to the covered does not require electricity "sensor" intelligent urinals, upgraded the urinal carries into a urinal, realize the bathroom sanitary ware "equality between men and women", both can satisfy the needs of men and not reflected ring ladies vision.

"Self-improvement" is the requirement of our company for every employee;"Quality assurance" is our company's pursuit of products;"Good faith - based, service - oriented, customer - oriented" is our business mode.Our products just came out of the factory, but not immediately out of the market, but let the products through hundreds of users after two years, and through several times of improvement, a large number of out of the market, we will be in line with the "quality assurance, mutual benefit, service society," the purpose of the company and partners to create brilliant.

To create a civilized and harmonious bathroom space and make the bathroom civilization become so simple, in order to continue to meet the beautiful pursuit of harmony between human beings, products and the environment, and to create high-quality life well-being for global users, we are determined to work hard, work hard and work even harder!