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Top 10 Franchise Support

Advertising Support

Online and offline media promote in many aspects

Designed Support

Experienced market research team to assist in site selection, preparation, and provide free store design and sample design

Decorate Support

According to the city level, store area, according to the category of decoration subsidies support

Support Activities

Experienced planning team to provide activity plans, activities to help, active marketing executive team, year-round service in the implementation of sales promotion throughout the country.

Operation Support

Strong business marketing team to assist the store operation, personnel management, after-sales support, a short time to master the industry business standard management.

Business Support

From the early opening of new stores to the opening planning and execution, the company provides experienced teams with tailored solutions to help new franchisees operate smoothly in the early stage.

Training Support

Free tailored training courses, regular provision of perfect knowledge coaching training, strengthen the terminal

Samples Support

New store samples and old store samples, in the normal factory price on the basis of preferential policy discounts.

Policy Support

Every year 5-6 large-scale national linkage promotion activities, the head office always grasp the market trends, timely launch preferential policies, make dealers and consumers benefit.

Rebates Support

Annual rebate policy discount support, detailed consultation with the regional manager.

Joining Process

01. Preliminary Negotiation

Join the conditions, requirements, visit the exhibition hall

02. Market Study

Understand market conditions, local brands and competitors

03. Qualification

Whether it meets the standard

04. Store confirmation

Write the choice of stores, the implementation of the flagship store coordinates

05. Sign a contract

Distributor Agreement is signed by both parties

06. Display design

Communicate sample selection, design and construction

07. Opening training

Multi-directional opening before focus on training, win the market

08. Official opening

Planning team activities, opening support, media publicity support